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Alior Bank began operating in November 2008 as a new type of bank – combining traditional banking rules with innovative solutions and products. In December 2012, the shares of Alior Bank made their debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The debut was preceded by a public offering valued at PLN 2.1 billion – this was the largest public offering of a privately-held company in the 21-year history of the WSE. In the first year of being listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the total value of trading in Bank's shares amounted to nearly PLN 3.3 billion, which signifies that they were in the group of the most liquid bank shares on the WSE. Since September 2013 Alior Bank is a member of WIG 30 index, and on March 21 2014, less than 18 months since its IPO, it will join WIG 20 index, that comprises the twenty largest and most liquid companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

For more than 5 years we have been consistently setting new standards on the Polish market of banking services. Today, we pride ourselves on numerous unique achievements, such as:  


Over 2 million Customers

Alior Bank maintains dynamic pace of acquiring new customers. At the end of 2013,  the Bank already served 2.12 million Customers, which is  42% more than in the previous year. The Bank’s services were used by 2 million Individual Customers, and nearly 120 thousand Business Customers.




The highest level of services and an effective business model

Alior Bank has received numerous awards in Poland and abroad in recognition for the highest quality of its products and services, and for the effectiveness of its business model.

In the last year edition of the “Newsweek’s Friendly Bank”, Alior Sync, virtual branch of Alior Bank, won the category “Internet Bank” and took third position in the category “Mobile Banking”. Alior Bank established its strong position among leaders of services quality by taking fourth position in the category “Traditional Bank”.

Alior Bank was distinguished by international experts at the “Retail Banker International 2013” competition in the “Best European Retail Bank” category, it also received the “Best Bank in Poland 2013” award in the prestigious competitions of “Euromoney Awards for Excellence” and “The Banker” magazine, belonging to “Financial Times Ltd.”

More aboutawards and prizes granted to Alior Bank.





Since the beginning of our activity, we have been offering our Customers innovative banking products and services previously not available on the Polish market.

At the beginning of 2013, Alior Bank was the first bank in Central Europe to implement an online foreign exchange platform for Corporate Customers. Thanks to eFX Trader platform, Alior Bank’s Customers gained access to unique liquidity and exceptionally short order processing time.

In August 2012, Alior Bank implemented Online Credit Process – the first solution in the world, which enables obtaining credit completely online in a few dozen seconds after submitting an application, with no necessity of providing and signing paper files. This innovative solution was distinguished in two, prestigious, international competitions - “BAI - Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards 2013” in category “Channel Innovation” and “Banking Technology Awards 2013” in category “Best use of IT in Retail Banking”. Online Credit Process is very popular among Alior Bank’s Customers.

In July 2012, Alior Bank provided its Customers with the first online exchange platform on the Polish market. During the year, the website of this online exchange platform was visited by almost
5 million unique users, and half a million transactions were concluded on the platform.

In June 2012, we launched Alior Sync – the first Polish, new-generation online bank; by the end
of September 2013, its services were used by more than 300 thousand Customers. Alior Sync’s innovativeness is recognized internationally – in 2012 as the first Polish bank, it has been recognized at the prestigious “Global Banking Innovation Awards” competition, in the “breakthrough solution” category. What is more, the jury of the international competition of “Banking Technology Awards” granted Alior Bank an award in the category of “Best Internet Banking Services Provider”.

Fourth largest network of traditional distribution

At the end of 2013, Alior Bank’s network already included 859 agencies, and was fourth most extensive traditional distribution network in the Polish banking industry. The network comprises
of 210 own branches, 428 partner branches and 221 modern mini branches branded as Alior Bank Express.


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